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Purpose and Audience

This website showcases The Third Arrangement's photos, videos, and events.

Services and Modules

This website utilizes the following services, modules, and apps:

  • Photos: The media pages includes a dynamic photos section, where photos are laid-out in a grid-like manner. When the user clicks on a photo, it expands to fill the entire screen. Photos can be managed via the admin panel.
  • Single Page: This website is a dynamic, one page application which has been optimized for SEO.
  • Videos: The media page includes Youtube playlists in a user-friendly and aesthetic manner. When videos are added to playlists, the site is automatically updated. Playlists can be managed via the Admin Panel.
  • Events: The events page displays events in chronological order, and automatically focuses onto the next upcoming event. Events can be added and modified via Admin Panel.
  • Contact: The website has a simple, secure contact.
  • Simplicity: The site is designed with simplicity in mind. All parts of the website can be easily found and navigated to. Each page is minimal in design.
  • Mobile Responsive: This website is designed to work on all types of devices, including PCs, laptops, Android phones, iPhones, and tablets.

Live Demo

Feel free to visit the live website to view a demo.