Services provided by Quinn Web Design are listed below. Click on a block to view more information about that service.

Fast Delivery

A custom website can be built and published within weeks. Integration of pre-built modules help speed development, and custom modules can be created quickly.


Your website will work and look great across platforms, including Android devices, Apple devices, laptops, and desktop computers, regardless of screen size.

Email Addresses

Make one or more email addresses for your site. Instead of using, start using, and make a professional, lasting impression.

Online Store

If you have merchandise, an online storefront can be created for you, where you can sell both digital content and physical items, such as albums, artwork, and merchandise.

Module Options

Your website can feature one or more modules, such as an events module, photo gallery, video playlist, mailing list, user logins, or anything else you need.

Social Media

Social media will flow seamelessly into the design of your website, enabling users to subscribe to your content. Social media accounts can also be set up per your request.

Multiple Pages

Your website can be created with the pages and modules you would like, such as events, videos, pictures gallery, about page, and more. Custom pages can also be created.


Users will be able to easily navigate through your website, making it easier for them to connect to you and your music. Admin tools will make it easy to maintain your site.


Per your request, your website can have additional pages, features, and functionality. It can also have integration with other websites, such as Facebook and Paypal.