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Purpose and Audience

This website is used to promote and sell the book: Quarter Tone Technique for Saxophone, and provide useful apps and information for musicians. This website uses a number of custom apps.

Services and Modules

This website utilizes the following services, modules, and apps:

  • Ear Training: This is a tool which can be used to test and develop your perception of quarter tone intervals.
  • Store Reports: Store purchases are saved in the system, and the Admin Panel provides functionality for creating and exporting reports.
  • Mailing List: This website allows users to join a mailing list. A new email can be sent to the mailing list via the Admin Panel.
  • Booking: The website has multiple options for booking, contacting, and general inquiries.
  • Videos: The videos page includes Youtube playlists in a user-friendly and aesthetic manner. When videos are added to playlists, the site is automatically updated. Playlists can be managed via the Admin Panel.
  • Online Store: The online store provides a place for customers to purchase one or more items, view cart, and submit payment. Store items can be added, edited, and deleted via the Admin Panel.
  • Quarter Tone Tuner: This is a custom-built app which listens to the tone produced by an instrument and reports on its intonation.
  • Online Metronome: This is a custom app which provides a steady metronome beat.
  • Search Functionality: The website has a custom-built, lighting fast search feature which allows users to quickly find store items, important information, or anything else included in the website.
  • Mobile Responsive: This website is designed to work on all types of devices, including PCs, laptops, Android phones, iPhones, and tablets.

Live Demo

Feel free to visit the live website to view a demo.